Advanced Training

The Puppy Training Academy” becomes “An Educated Dog.

The Puppy Training Academy was founded by Alan Gunther. An Educated Dog was formed by Jennifer Aho. Together, they merged to help each other broaden their knowledge base and experience to form an explosive team of Trainers to be effective and spiritual in their methods of training. They believe that dogs are spirits who have a purpose in this world to teach us to learn and grow within our own spirits. As Trainers, tapping into that perspective of spiritual dynamic will undoubtedly compel them to empathize the true needs of a dog. It is not enough to just provide repetitions and corrections in training. A true understanding in the world of psychology and canine behaviors are essential in training dogs. There must also be a kinship among spirits in order to initiate a true learning process.

Ms. Jennifer Aho's expertise spans close to 20 years of training, thousands of dogs trained, and a depth of knowledge and understanding that is unparalleled. Her degrees in Psychology have allowed her to soar in her creative methods of training. Her resilience in resolving issues in which no other would tackle, has given her experiences that no other has endured. The aura of which Jennifer exudes, not only can be felt by anybody who meets her, but also by all the dogs who work with her. As Head Training Director of the Puppy Training Academy and Owner of An Educated Dog, the success of Margale Boarding Kennels' training programs relies heavily on Jennifer Aho’s participation. Their gratitude stands strong.

Training Prices (in home)

Private In-Home Consultation (90 minutes to 2 hours):   $250

Less than 20 miles one-way traveling distance:   No Additional Charge

More than 50 miles, less than 100 miles:   $125 Additional

More than 100 miles:   $250 Additional

Training Orientation (for clients):   Free of Charge

Training Prices (at our facility)

Private Consultation at our facility (90 minutes to 2 hours):   $150

Training per hour:   $75

Training with boarding per day:
(Additional charges may apply for aggression management) 

Training with boarding per week:   $700

Training for housebreaking (3 weeks boarding):   $2,500

Training classes:   $40

Trick training such as ring bell, play dead, roll over, etc.:   $200 Additional/week


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