Our Team of
Dedicated Professionals

Our staff includes two veterinarian technicians with twenty years of experience in animal husbandry and veterinarian care. We employ and maintain the latest medical practices and equipment to properly test for intestinal parasites, micro-organisms, parvo virus disease, and a variety of other ailments which require timely medical attention and treatment once diagnosed. Our professional staff and attendants are knowledgeable, caring, conscientious, and well trained to competently care for all boarding dogs.

To help insure the safety and maintain the health of our dogs, we adhere to a strict protocol to prevent cross-contamination of infectious diseases. In any case where we suspect contamination of any viral or bacterial existence, we utilize a generous supply of medications, vaccinations, de-worming treatments, and emergency health kits. Normal day-to-day treatments and many unexpected medical issues can be handled professionally and conscientiously at the facility, but for other, more difficult treatments or surgical needs, we’re located only a few miles from our favorite veterinarian clinic.

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Jennifer Aho, Head Trainer

Jennifer’s training expertise spans close to 20 years, thousands of successfully trained dogs, and a depth of knowledge and understanding of canine behavior that is unparalleled. Her undergraduate work in Psychology has allowed her to develop and excell in her unique creative methods. Her desire, determination and success in resolving unusual and difficult training issues which others would’t tackle, have allowed her to benefit from knowledge few others have accquired. Her confidence and competence can not only be appreciated by clients who meet her, but also by the dogs who work with her. As Head Trainer of the Puppy Training Academy, Jennifer is a major contributor to the success of Margale Pet Resort’s training programs.

Alan Gunther, Owner/Operator

After purchasing a potential Golden Retriever show puppy, Alan Gunther was obligated by the breeder to show his puppy in several shows. He was hooked once he saw how all the exhibitors groomed and prepared their dogs for the shows. Eventually, he bred and showed his own dogs. While working with a newspaper company as an advertising coordinator, he realized that he did not want to just sit in the office, on the computer all day, away from his dogs. So, Alan turned his lifelong passion for working with dogs into a career.

After working as a veterinarian technician, he apprenticed under several dog handling experts and became a professional dog handler, showing dogs to their championships. His experience in observing, evaluating, and training dogs proved to be a very valuable commodity for what was to come. Traveling with and caring for highly valued show dogs required extensive knowledge in the field of canine husbandry. Understanding the myriad of canine diseases, as well as the causes of canine mental anxiety and aggression, cannot just be learned through textbooks alone, but must be accompanied by experience as well. Among the many technical disciplines associated with showing dogs, none was more fascinating to him than obedience training.

While continuing to show, he studied psychology books and dog training books by Branda Aloff, Karen Pryor, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, and the great Dr. Patricia McConnell. There are many other authors whose works were required reading curriculum for the Certified Pet Dog Trainer’s license, but he admired mainly those authors who shared his philosophy of positive- reinforcement training. However, reading all the books in the world, over 100 in his library collection, would not have been proven effective without the hands-on experience he was fortunate to have while applying the methodologies in his daily work.

The application of positive reinforcement required a great deal of trial and error, providing opportunities to providing critical thinking and analysis of the canine mind. Acknowledging that there’s a never-ending learning curriculum, as he is always learning, Alan has developed a deeper connection and better understanding of not only dogs but also of his fellow human beings. His work in conveying his understanding about dog behavior to people is also what he enjoys and wants to share.

The true kinship that Alan has formed with dogs began when he was a child. Whenever he was given a choice to read a book, he only wanted to read books pertaining to dogs. He enjoyed reading all of the James Herriot’s books. He watched all the “Lassie” movies and he loved “Rin Tin Tin.” He was especially mesmerized by “Benji.” If there was any film, book, or article that was related to a dog, he enjoyed absorbing whatever information it had. To this day, it bewilders his mind to try to figure out why he loves dogs so much. He just knows and feels for them in the way that all true dog lovers do.

Alan’s experience with showing, training, and boarding dogs spans 18 years. When he put together the fantastic team of highly skilled and caring trainers to form the “Puppy Training Academy,” which later partnered with “An Educated Dog,” he finally found the perfect facility where dogs can run in the fresh open air across acres of rolling hills in the Vista and Bonsall area. Not only did it have a kennel license, but it had existing kennel buildings, large canine exercise areas, and a beautiful home and guest house. Immediately after Alan purchased the property, the renovations and remodeling began, and it was renamed “Margale Pet Resort” to reflect the improved facilities and developing ambiance of the property. Margale continues to grow and develop into a healthful, caring and unique resort for canine family members.

Alan is happy living his dream, and leads the way to maintaining a very positive and happy atmosphere at Margale Ranch Pet Resort.


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