Premium VIP In-Home Boarding
(Includes Manners Training)

We provide in-home boarding to allow your trained dog to roam freely in the main house. If you are not comfortable with having your dog stay in one of our awesome kennel room runs at night, there may be an option to have your dog stay in the main house. We are especially sensitive to those senior dogs who will require special attention and care. Your dog must get along well with other dogs and be fully trained to qualify for this feature. Of course we provide training and a consultation with our Behaviorist, Jennifer Aho, would be required. We do limit the capacity for both In-Home Boarding care and Kennel Boarding to a minimal number, so that we can provide individualized love and attention. It is strongly advised to book in advance for the In-Home boarding option during the holidays as we are normally at full capacity.

Premium VIP In-Home Boarding (Includes Manners Training)
Dogs less than 40 lbs:  $45.00/day
Each Additional dog less than 40 lbs:  $40.00/day
Dogs between 40 - 80 lbs:  $52.00/day
Each Additional dog between 40 - 80 lbs:  $47.00/day
Dogs more than 80 lbs:  $57.00/day
Each Additional dog more than 80 lbs:  $52.00/day

(Please add $15/day for holidays.)
Exclusive couch priviledges Relaxation time Lounging near the kitchen Social time in the living room Learning to relax in the living room Morning after slumber party Resuming bed priviledges at Margale Learning "stay" on doggie beds
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In-Home Boarding Includes overnight lodging and VIP care for any age. We provide continuous activities throughout the day, such as walks/leash training sessions, personal play times, and evening TV time with Trainers in a living room setting. We will furnish daily brushing or a tender care massage session and then a last call potty walk as late as 11 PM, just like at home.


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