Traditional Kennel - 14’ x 4’ Indoor/Outdoor Access

Our three-acre fully fenced and gated property includes a main house and a guest house where staff members, owners and trained dogs live. It also includes a building with 28 state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor kennel runs, which is adjacent to the Guest House. Each kennel run’s living quarters measures a generous fourteen by five feet. An additional on-site structure is a dedicated grooming building which also has several indoor/outdoor kennel runs and paddock areas.

The perimeter of the outdoor kennel runs is equipped with a sophisticated water vapor mist system to control flying insects and also cool the air on warm summer days. During cool winter nights, the dogs are kept comfortably warm inside the indoor kennel room runs with radiant floor heating. All buildings of the facility are equipped with air conditioning and air purification units. We are a distributor of Kuranda Doggie Beds. Our kennels and condos are equipped with these off-the-floor, durable and comfortable doggie beds (which come in all sizes) for all our boarding dogs.

Kennel Run Rooms & Large Paddock Areas

We have large penthouse suites for the pampered canine. Our regular kennel room runs are large enough to house three of your dogs, Golden/Labrador Retriever size, in one kennel run at night. However, it can only hold One Great Dane size dog in that same size kennel room run. We do have paddock areas to allow the dogs to play, stretch their muscles to full capacity, and to investigate a lot of different places, several times throughout the day. We also have a swimming pool for those who just love to play in water.

Hydro-therapy sessions available Off leash group hikes in secure area Free-roaming in-home training available Indoor-outdoor suites available Comfortable indoor-outdoor living Poppy just had a bath Plenty of room to run free Daily exercises for boarding dogs
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Traditional Kennel - 14’ x 4’ Indoor/Outdoor Access
Dogs less than 40 lbs:   $35.00/day
Each Additional dog less than 40 lbs:  
(In same kennel run room)  
Dogs between 40 - 80 lbs:   $45.00/day
Each Additional dog between 40 - 80 lbs:  
(In same kennel run room)  
Dogs more than 80 lbs:   $52.00/day
Each Additional dog more than 80 lbs:  
(In same kennel run room)  
(Please add $15/day for holidays.)


MARGALE PET RESORT      29976 Margale Ln, Suite A, Vista, CA      (760) 295-2222